Psychopathy and Suicidal Behaviour in a Sample of Mentally Disordered Offenders

Negredo, Laura, F. Melis and O. Herrero (2013). Psychopathy and suicidal behaviour in a sample of mentally disordered offenders. Revista Espanola Sanidad Penitenciaria, 15: 3-7.

Empirical literature has yielded a positive association between psychopathy levels and suicide attempts. This association is centered around impulsivity and disinhibitory facets of psychopathy, whereas suicide and emotional poverty remain independent. Evidence about the relation between suicide and psychopathy in mentally disordered offenders is not conclusive. The present work explores the relation between several measures of antisocial personality, suicide attempt and deliberate self mutilation in a sample of inmates from a forensic psychiatric hospital. Results support the association between disinhibitory aspects of personality and suicide in this population.

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