Man Up! (Van Siclen)

Man Up! In 2003, Deasean Hill was murdered in East New York, Brooklyn. Two years later, Andre T. Mitchell founded MAN Up, Inc., which stands for Multicultural Agency for Neighborhood Improvement and for the Complete Understanding of Emergency Preparedness. Man Up, Inc. became a Cure Violence site in 2010 and now operates in two locations in East New York.

Man Up! Staff 1The Man Up, Inc. team offers youth programming and job development services and support for the key components of the Cure Violence model. Programs focus on employment readiness, mentorship, sports and athletics and other recreational and after-school activities.

Man Up! works to engage program participants in community advocacy efforts, and the program co-sponsors the annual New York City Peace Week, along with LIFE Camp, another Cure Violence-based program provider.

A hospital-based component of Man Up! also operates at Kings County Hospital Center in partnership with the Health and Hospitals Corporation, the Kings Against Violence Iniative (KAVI), S.O.S. Crown Heights, and S.O.S. Bed-Stuy.


Program Particulars

Host Organization: Man Up! Inc.
Program: Man Up! A (Van Siclen)
Established: 2010
Contact: Andre AT Mitchell,
Implementation: Full
Staff: Supervisors (2); Outreach Workers (3); Violence Interrupters (3); Hospital Responders (1)
NYPD Precinct(s): 75th
City Council Member District(s): Inez Barron (42)
Adult residents living in poverty: 29%
Residents 15-34 years of age: 31%
NYCHA Communities: Linden Boulevard, Pennsylvania Avenue-Wortman Avenue
Wrap-Around Service Partners: Not Another Child, Neighborhood Vocational Corp., Legal Aid Society, J.H.S. 292 Margaret S. Douglas, I.S. 311 The Essence School