Characteristics and Risk Factors of Chinese Immigrant Intimate Partner Violence Victims

Kim, Chunrye and Hung-En Sung (2016). Characteristics and Risk Factors of Chinese Immigrant Intimate Partner Violence Victims in New York City and the Role of Supportive Social Networks. The Family Journal, 24(1): 60-69. This study identified the characteristics and risk factors of Chinese immigrant intimate partner violence (IPV) victims and their offenders through a case study of 189 IPV victims who sought help from a Chinese community organization in Queens, New York City called “Garden of Hope.” A descriptive analysis was conducted on socioeconomic status (SES), support network as well as history of substance abuse problems and childhood abuse. A…

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Surveillance without Protection

Sung, Hung-En, Sheyla Delgado, D. Peña and A. Paladino (2015). Surveillance without Protection: Policing Undocumented Migrant Workers in an American Suburb. British Journal of Criminology. 56(5), 877-897. Policing anonymous and fearful undocumented migrant workers (UMWs) with equity, integrity and accountability is one of the toughest law enforcement challenges in the United States. The importance of the issue notwithstanding, police–UMW interactions remain a ‘black box’ in police research. We examined the political economy of Palisades Park, New Jersey, and interviewed 160 UMWs from the same town. Findings indicate that UMWs suffered from a high level of crime victimization but were extremely…

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The Mis-synchronization of Juvenile Reform

Rajah, Valli, Ronald Kramer and Hung-En Sung (2015). The Mis-synchronization of Juvenile Reform – Competing Constructions of Temporality and Risk Among Rehabilitation Programs and Young Offenders. British Journal of Criminology, 55(1), 184-202. In the United States, juvenile rehabilitation programs have moved towards ‘risk-needs’ models, which not only assess risks of recidivism, but also address young peoples’ needs. While laudable for their responsiveness, we argue ‘risk-needs’ models are based on a series of beliefs concerning time and/or temporality that are inconsistent with the social locations and life experiences of young offenders. Based on observations and interview data collected from young male…

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The Effects of Acculturation on Intimate Partner Violence Among Chinese Immigrants in New York City

Kim, Chunrye and Hung-En Sung (2015). The Effects of Acculturation on Intimate Partner Violence Among Chinese Immigrants in New York City. Journal of Family Violence, 1-12. Little research has examined the role of acculturation in the determination of intimate partner violence (IPV) among Chinese immigrants in the United States. Data on 166 IPV Chinese immigrant couples obtained from a Chinese American community organization were analyzed for this study. Findings show that the level of acculturation and socioeconomic status were associated with severity, frequency, length, and type of abuse committed by Chinese immigrant men although not all factors played an equally…

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Changing Narrative Accounts

Rajah, Valli, Ronald Kramer and Hung-En Sung (2014). Changing narrative accounts: How young men tell different stories when arrested, enduring jail time and navigating community reentry. Punishment & Society, 16(3), 285-304. Using fieldwork, interviews, and survey data collected from male adolescent prisoners who completed a cognitive treatment program, this study addresses two questions: how do adolescent prisoners account for past and possible future acts to illegally acquire money? What frames are identifiable across these accounts? We identify three frames in adolescent prisoner narratives: a ‘victim’; ‘rebirth/redemptive’; and ‘critical’ frame. While the first frame is used to rationalize crime, the second…

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Gender Differences in the Determinants of Prison Rule Violations

Celinska, Katarzyna and Hung-En Sung (2014). Gender differences in the determinants of prison rule violations. The Prison Journal, 94(2, 220-241. This article addresses gender differences in the extent and explanation of inmate misconduct. The study employs nationally representative prisoner survey data to assess gender-specific explanations of prison rule violations. The gender-specific factors include prior victimization, diagnosed mental disorders, and the amount of inmate contact with their families via visits and phone calls. Logistic regression models support gender-specific explanations of inmate misconduct but also identify other factors of general importance. The policy implications of gendered pathways in prison misconduct are discussed.

History of Substance Abuse Treatment

Henninger, Alana and Hung-En Sung (2014). History of substance abuse treatment. In Gerben Bruinsma and David Weisburd (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice, pp. 2257-2269. New York: Springer. Forensic science may reasonably be viewed as having played an important role in the professionalization of policing that began in the late nineteenth century. While there are histories of forensic science (generally written by practitioners) and histories of forensic medicine, expert witnesses, and the professionalization of policing (generally written by historians), the intersection of these developments remains underexplored.