Denver Post

$2.2 million federal grant to help Denver combat gang violence By Christopher N. Osher. The Denver Post. December 3, 2010 A $2.2 million federal grant to combat gang violence in three Denver neighborhoods could help to one day reduce violence elsewhere in the nation, according to city officials. The grant is the result of nearly four years of work from a consortium of civic and religious leaders, social workers and former gang members who came together after the 2007 gangland slaying of Denver Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams. … A research team led by sociologist Jeffrey Butts, executive director of the research and…

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Galesburg Register-Mail

Participants-say-Teen-Court-produces-positive-results A different brand of justice by Chris Essig. August 28, 2010 … “If peer pressure can lead young people into delinquency, maybe it can help keep them out of delinquency,” wrote Jeffrey Butts, executive director of the Research and Evaluation Center at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, in a 2002 study of national teen courts. The study Butts helped conduct reviewed four teen court sites across the country. In Alaska, the recidivism rate for kids who went through Teen Court was 6 percent, compared to 23 percent in juvenile court. In Missouri, it was 9 percent compared to…

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WABC TV New York

Young Girl Arrested; Accused of Selling Drugs Stacy Sager, Eyewitness News NEW YORK (WABC) — New York City police have made a stunning arrest, a young girl from Queens is now charged with selling drugs. She was 12, Wednesday when she was arrested, but turned 13 Thursday. She’s accused of selling marijuana and crack cocaine, and was arrested in a major drug sweep. Even investigators were shocked by who they caught. Disheartening they say because the 12-year-old girl who is now accused of dealing the drugs on Beach Channel Drive. Neighbors say she used to be more involved with activities…

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Congressional Quarterly Researcher

Youth violence – Are “get tough” policies the best approach? CQ Researcher | March 5, 2010 | 20(9): 193-216 by Thomas Billitteri, Staff Writer … Jeffrey Butts, a criminologist who this spring will become executive director of the Criminal Justice Research and Evaluation Center at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, points out that while aggregate youth crime has not been going up nationally, it can seem that way. Crime, he says, is “very local,” meaning crime rates may vary among neighborhoods a few blocks from each other.