Credible Evidence | Public Service

The Research and Evaluation Center (JohnJayREC) has been a prominent research center at John Jay College of Criminal Justice since 1975. Our mission is to produce credible research evidence that can be accessed and understood by many audiences, not only researchers. We evaluate prevention strategies, test the effectiveness of interventions, and analyze efforts to improve the impact and equity of justice systems.* The Center draws on the expertise of John Jay faculty and staff to advance our collective understanding of public safety challenges in partnership with policymakers, community organizations, and practitioners. We also help non-researchers understand the goals and methods of research and the critical roles played by process measures, performance indicators, and outcome estimates. Since 2010, we have managed projects with combined budgets of $47 Million. While our work may generate academic publications, the Center’s core mission is to produce open-access research for a more diverse audience.

* The label criminal “justice” system has always been aspirational. We do not embrace the alternative name criminal “legal” system, which derives from a presumption that system-related harms are inevitable and permanent.