Position Announcements



Job Openings:
Senior Data Analyst/Data Scientist (1 position)
Data Analyst (2 positions)

(PVN ID: JJ-2108-004187)
Status: Full Time
Salary Ranges: $50,000 – $75,000
Closing: 2/28/2022 (or until filled)

General Description

The Research and Evaluation Center of John Jay College of Criminal Justice (JohnJayREC) is an applied research organization established in 1975. We respond to the needs of justice practitioners locally, nationally, and internationally. The Research and Evaluation Center is part of John Jay College of Criminal Justice and the City University of New York.

JohnJayREC seeks three candidates to join the analytics team working on projects for the City of New York. These positions will be responsible for creating innovative and effective data analytic processes, efficient data workflow, and thorough documentation of data-related tasks working under the direction of the Center’s Deputy Director for Analytics with oversight from the Center Director. Successful applicants will participate in planning research activities, collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data as well as authoring various publications arising from the research.

Terms of appointment are contingent on the availability of funding but expected at least through December 2022.


  • Work as a member of research teams to identify and answer important research questions
  • Become familiar with all Center data-related projects
  • Acquire a strong understanding of research topics and a thorough knowledge of the data and programming efforts involved
  • Answer research questions by using appropriate data analytic techniques
  • Drive the collection of new data and the refinement of existing data sources
  • Establish and implement a respectable data quality process
  • Clean and prepare data files
  • Prepare and deliver written and verbal presentations as needed
  • Communicate findings to both technical and non-technical staff
  • Assist other staff with data analysis methods
  • Attend project meetings with staff and external funders
  • Address client feedback in a timely manner
  • Perform other related duties as needed

Desired Qualifications

  • Creative problem solvers
  • Experienced data managers and analysts
  • Familiar with programming languages (e.g., R)
  • Knowledge of statistical & GIS programs (e.g., R, Stata, QGis)
  • Ability to manipulate large data sets
  • Comfort analyzing complex, high-volume, high-dimensionality data from varying sources
  • A passion for empirical research and answering policy questions using quantitative methods
  • A flexible analytic approach that allows for results at varying levels of precision
  • Successful candidates will be highly motivated self-starters with abilities to solve data analysis problems independently
  • Passionate about social justice
  • Driven by curiosity and a desire to improve

Minimum Qualifications

Senior Data Analyst/Data Scientist
Effective team leader
Masters degree and 3 years of relevant experience or Bachelors with additional experience

Data Analyst
Effective team member and eager learner
Bachelors degree and 1 year of relevant experience