Chronicle of Social Change

The Chronicle of Social Change published a series of articles on applications of the Positive Youth Justice model. In the … More

PYJ in the UK

Positive Youth Justice: Children First, Offenders Second This topical book moves beyond established critiques to outline a model of positive … More

Adolescent Risk Perception

Shulman, Elizabeth P. and Elizabeth Cauffman (2013). Reward-Biased Risk Appraisal and Its Relation to Juvenile Versus Adult Crime. Law & … More

Bridging Juvenile Justice and PYD

A synopsis of evidence indicates what does and does not work in juvenile justice and the inherent limitations of an approach based on “the medical model.” Recent progressive approaches in juvenile justice are more hospitable to positive youth development principles than are previous approaches.

Youth Development Institute

The Youth Development Institute (YDI) supports the growth and development of young people by strengthening the quality and increasing the … More

Strengthening Youth Justice Practices with Developmental Knowledge and Principles

The insights and lessons of developmental science do not translate easily into the day-to-day tasks of youth justice systems, which often focus on control and compliance. Youth justice practitioners require assistance as they apply developmental principles. The Positive Youth Justice (PYJ) Model was developed to meet this challenge.

Positive Youth Justice

Butts, Jeffrey A., Gordon Bazemore, and Aundra Saa Meroe (2010). Positive Youth Justice: Framing Justice Interventions Using the Concepts of Positive … More

A Sensible Model

Butts, Jeffrey A. (2008). YTFG Briefing Paper #3: A Sensible Model for Juvenile Justice. Chicago, IL: Youth Transition Funders Group. … More

Evaluating PYD Programs

Catalano, Richard F., M. Lisa Berglund, Heather S. Lonczak, and J. David Hawkins (2004). Positive Youth Development in the United … More