Evaluation of the Osborne Association’s ReFORM Program


Supported with funding from the federal Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), the Osborne Association of New York City launched ReFORM, an initiative designed to support fathers and father figures returning to their families after a period of incarceration. Eligible participants complete four weeks of parenting education, relationship education, and job readiness training workshops before being placed into internships, subsidized employment and/or other training programs. Additional workshops on co-parenting are also available to participants and their partners. The Osborne Association selected the John Jay College Research and Evaluation Center to conduct a five-year evaluation of the ReFORM program in New York. The evaluation included in-depth interviews with program staff and program participants, surveys of program participants, repeated program observations, and ongoing analyses of administrative data about program operations and participant outcomes, including recidivism.

Core Staff
Kathleen Tomberg (Project Director), Jeffrey A. Butts (PI), Arlana Henry, Rhoda Ramdeen


$720,975 via Osborne Association of New York City from the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS)