Wall Street Journal

A once notorious juvenile detention facility in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx will be the site of a new project anchored by affordable housing, in a plan scheduled to be detailed Thursday by New York City officials.

Washington Times

Despite recent upticks, the crime rate remains at near-record lows with data showing violent crime down 16.5 percent compared with a decade ago.

The Guardian

Murders up 10.8% in biggest percentage increase since 1971, FBI data shows Rising violence in 2015 driven by increase in…

The Atlantic

Kids who are sentenced by college-football-loving judges who are disappointed after unexpected team losses are finding themselves behind bars for longer than kids who are sentenced after wins or predicted losses.

WNYC News – New York

East New York, Brooklyn has the highest number of shooting deaths in New York City this year with 6, and 10 other types of homicides. But there’s a 40-block radius on the border with Brownsville where there hasn’t been a shooting since February, and there hasn’t been a fatal shooting since November 2014.

Critical Diversion

Juvenile justice knowledge is not an established canon; it is organic and ever-changing. Researchers do not already know everything there is to know about reducing recidivism and keeping youth out of the justice system.

Durable Collaborations

This study suggests that the National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention provides meaningful assistance to cities. The organizational networks involved in the National Forum appear to be moving in positive directions and the individuals involved in those networks report high levels of confidence that they are making a difference.

Colaboraciones Durables

El Foro Nacional de la Prevención de Violencia Juvenil Kathleen Tomberg and Jeffrey A. Butts Este proyecto fue fundado por…