Critical Care: The Important Role of Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Programs

Douglas Evans and Anthony Vega In Denormalizing Violence: A Series of Reports From the John Jay College Evaluation of Cure Violence Programs in New York City Introduction Crime has been decreasing since the mid-1990s, but violence is still a serious concern in many neighborhoods throughout the United States. Victims of violence often suffer psychological trauma [...]

Keynote for the Positive Youth Justice Initiative, Sierra Health Foundation

Keynote presentation for the Positive Youth Justice Initiative at the Sierra Health Foundation, Sacramento, California. In 2012, the Sierra Health Foundation launched a new Positive Youth Justice Initiative to improve the outcomes of young people involved in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems, often referred to as crossover youth. Through the Positive Youth Justice Initiative, the Foundation is [...]

A Community Youth Development Approach to Gang Control Programs

Jeffrey A. Butts and Caterina Gouvis Roman (2010). A Community Youth Development Approach to Gang Control Programs. In Youth Gangs and Community Intervention: Research, Practice, and Evidence. Robert J. Chaskin (Editor). New York: Columbia University Press. This chapter describes a potential path to a stronger conceptual framework for youth gang prevention and early intervention that draws upon [...]