The Supervised Detention Program…

cover_supervised1989_shadowNancy F. Jacobs, Ira Sommers, and Stella Meierfeld (1989). The Supervised Detention Program: A Pilot Program Evaluation for the New York City Department of Correction. New York, NY: Criminal Justice Center, John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

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In October 1988, the New York City Department of Correction contracted with John Jay College of Criminal Justice to evaluate the pilot state of its Supervised Detention Program. The purpose of the evaluation was to examine the extent to which the program was achieving its primary goal of ensuring public safety by exercising care, custody and control of pretrial detainees in a community setting. In addition, the evlauation process was designed to provide the Department with objectively based assistance as program administrators worked toward expanding participation and improving program operations. In the longer term, according to Correction Commissioner Richard J. Koehler, it was hoped that the Supervised Detention Program would contribute to public safety by “trying to reduce the extraordinary rate of recidivism by providing program participants with an incentive and the oppportunity to end their criminal activities and begin a life productivity.”