Criminal history studies by the “Evidence Generation” initiative

logo_dcjsIn collaboration with the Research & Evaluation Center’s Evidence Generation initiative, the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) developed a protocol for conducting follow-up studies of client recidivism for agencies affiliated with Evidence Generation. Each study adheres to the data security safeguards required by DCJS. The resulting reports provide de-identified recidivism data that affiliated agencies may use to assess their effectiveness. Each report documents the proportion of former clients that had new justice contacts (i.e. arrests and convictions) after leaving an agency’s program(s), but the reports do not reveal the identity of individual clients. We do not publish full reports, but brief examples are available here: Read More

The Research & Evaluation Center plans to grow the scope and diversity of its DCJS criminal history projects. We invite other New York City justice agencies to contact us to discuss the feasibility of having our team conduct new criminal history analyses to support your agency operations and assess the outcomes of your services.