49 Strong

49 Strong Logo (254x301)Central Family Life Center (CLFC) was established by the First Central Baptist Church. The Center is the only minority-led community center on Staten Island. It offers re-entry assistance, recidivism prevention, English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) literacy and tutoring, and activities and assistance for senior citizens.

CLFC initiated the 49 Strong program to support community efforts against gun-related violence using strategies that are consistent with the Cure Violence model. The program hosts monthly meetings with stakeholders to keep abreast of community developments and needs. Each meeting is attended by local service providers, local hospital officials, and other community representatives concerned with violence.

In addition to its primary Cure Violence program, the organization offers several services through its host organization, such as the only juvenile alternative-to-incarceration program on Staten Island, a workforce development institute for formerly incarcerated individuals, substance abuse and trauma counseling, and job training and interview preparation. The 49 Strong initiative will eventually include up to four hospital responders who are responsible for making contact with victims of gun violence in area hospitals. This is a critical aspect of the Cure Violence implementation, as victims of violence are at risk for engaging in or encouraging retaliatory violence.

49 Strong Staff (720x537)
49 Strong, an initiative of the Central Family Life Center

Program Particulars

Host Organization: Central Family Life Center
Program: 49 Strong
Established: 2014
Contact: Jack Chernak, jchernak@centralfamilylifecenter.org
Website: centralfamilylifecenter.org
Implementation: Full
Staff: Supervisors (1); Outreach Workers (3); Violence Interrupters (3); Hospital Responders (4)
NYPD Precinct(s): 120th
City Council Member District(s): Deborah Rose (49)
Adult residents living in poverty: 24%
Residents 15-34 years of age: 32%
NYCHA Communities: Stapleton
Wrap-Around Service Partners: Staten Island Mental Health, NYCID Mediations, Youth Justice Center Job Trainings, Legal Aid Society