Safe Space, Inc.

Safe Space Logo (150x100)Safe Space was founded in 1919 and originally known as the Queensboro Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Its mission remains to help “ensure the safety and stability of youth in Queens.” The organization offers shelter, child abuse prevention, mental health assistance, school-based programming, HIV/AIDs prevention and awareness, and street outreach. As a newly initiated site affiliated with the broader violence reduction efforts of New York City, Safe Space is in a developmental stage. It should be operational in 2015. Staff members are developing strategies to provide community services, events and programs.


Program Particulars

Host Organization: Safe Space, Inc.
Program: Safe Space, Inc.
Established: 2014
Implementation: Start-up / Partial
Staff: Supervisors (1); Outreach Workers (0); Violence Interrupters (2); Hospital Responders (0)
NYPD Precinct(s): 100th, 101st
City Council Member District(s): Rory Lancman (24)
Adult residents living in poverty:
Residents 15-34 years of age:
NYCHA Communities: Beach 41st Street-Beach Channel Drive and Ocean Bay Apartments
Wrap-Around Service Partners: Safe Space