SNUG (Bronx)

Bronx SNUG LogoFounded more than 200 years ago, New York City Mission Society works with the city’s most disenfranchised and underserved populations. The organization manages a multi-million dollar portfolio of programs and services ranging from college and career preparation assistance to restorative justice programming.

The Mission Society launched the SNUG (guns spelled backwards) program in 2010 to reduce violence in the Central Harlem neighborhood. In 2014, the program expanded into the Bronx. Program managers are developing resources from local businesses and stakeholders to support prevention efforts in the community and services for participants. Staff members are utilizing their relationships in the community to build participant interest and mediate possible violent altercations. Through community outreach, canvassing, distribution of public education materials, and community events, the program staff is working to affect the incidence of gun violence and public attitudes about violence. Ultimately, the program is designed to overcome skepticism about violence reduction efforts and to build strong relationship with neighborhood residents and community leaders.


Program Particulars

Host Organization: New York City Mission Society
Program: Bronx SNUG
Established: 2014
Contact: Frank Horton
Implementation: Start-up / Partial
Staff: Supervisors (2); Outreach Workers (0); Violence Interrupters (2); Hospital Responders (2)
NYPD Precinct(s): 47th
City Council Member District(s): Andy King (12)
Adult residents living in poverty:
Residents 15-34 years of age:
NYCHA Communities: Boston Secor
Wrap-Around Service Partners: New York City Mission Society Preventive Services, New York City Mission Society KEYS, Legal Aid Society, Union Health Settlement, Harlem Mothers Save, Getting Out and Staying Out