Community Connections for Youth

pyj_medal_goldCommunity Connections for Youth (CCFY) is a New-York based nonprofit organization, located in the Bronx. The mission of CCFY is to mobilize indigenous faith and neighborhood organizations to develop effective community-based alternative-to-incarceration programs for young people. CCFY believes that increasing local community capacity to work with youth in the justice system is the key to reducing youth crime and delinquency, and improving long-term life outcomes for youth. The CCFY approach focuses on strengths and assets for youth and a commitment to increasing the positive forces in a young person’s life.

pyj_ccfypic1From the CCFY website:
The work we describe as building community capacity for juvenile justice reform includes the following elements:

  • System Engagement: providing expert consultation for juvenile justice agencies on ways to reduce reliance on the juvenile justice system by strengthening partnerships with communities.
  • Community Capacity Development: training grassroots faith and neighborhood organizations to effectively engage youth in the juvenile justice system.
  • System – Community Partnerships: facilitating system-community partnerships that are research-based and data-informed to divert youth from deeper juvenile justice system involvement by deepening their connection to the local community.

pyj_ccfypic2CCFY believes that reducing overreliance on the juvenile justice system can only happen when strong community networks are mobilized to care for youth and hold them accountable. This requires engaging community stakeholders closest to the problems, which includes faith and community leaders in affected neighborhoods, family members of system-involved youth, and the young people themselves. CCFY champions an approach that is restorative, strengths-based, and treats young people, their families and communities as assets in the juvenile justice reform process.

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