Fox News — Massive Crime Spike Stems from Social Unrest, COVID Lockdowns Destabilizing Communities: Expert

Fox News — Massive Crime Spike Stems from Social Unrest, COVID Lockdowns Destabilizing Communities: Expert

Professor Jeffrey Butts, the director of John Jay College’s Research and Evaluation Center, said that in some respects conservatives and liberals are on the same page with gun control. "The far left and the far right are actually pitching the same story," he said.

Nueva York, ¿Laboratorio para Frenar la Violencia Armada?

Nueva York, ¿Laboratorio para Frenar la Violencia Armada?

Con crecientes índices de criminalidad tanto en Nueva York como en el resto de Estados Unidos, el presidente Joe Biden se reúne este jueves, en la ciudad de los rascacielos, con el alcalde Eric Adams para hablar de la inseguridad que generan las armas de fuego, un asunto sensible para el Partido Demócrata.

Colaboraciones Durables

Colaboraciones Durables

El Foro Nacional de la Prevención de Violencia Juvenil Kathleen Tomberg and Jeffrey A. Butts Este proyecto fue fundado por la beca número 2010-MU-FX-0007 obtenida de la Oficina de Justicia Juvenil y Prevención de la Delincuencia del Departamento de Justicia en el EE.UU. Los puntos de vista expresados en este reporte son de los autores [...]

Section II

Tech Tools Used by Justice Stakeholders Law enforcement, courts, legal services, corrections, and probation and parole agencies are using technology in innovative ways. New projects include automated notifications, communication platforms, automated generation of legal forms, and various smartphone apps. Law Enforcement Applications According to the Pew Research Center, 92 percent of Americans have cell phones and [...]

Section IV

Criminal Justice Data Collections and Visualizations As open access data continues to increase, governments are becoming more transparent. A number of current data projects illustrate the growing capacity of citizens and communities to obtain, analyze and display data related to justice and public safety. Comprehensive System Data Projects around the United States are collecting comprehensive [...]

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Crowdsourcing Tools Affecting Criminal Justice Crowdsourcing projects affect public safety, police oversight, and legal research. While some of these tools could be, and are, used by system stakeholders, they differentiate themselves from the tools discussed in Section II by soliciting information from a broad and non-institutional set of users. Public Safety Applications Technology is increasingly [...]

Report: Legal Marijuana Brings ‘New Energy’ to Black Market

Michael del Castillo January 5, 2016 Local drug dealers in New York City who specialize in selling marijuana are seeing a renaissance in their industry, but not one that is necessarily helping their bottom lines, now that their product is becoming increasingly socially acceptable and in some cases legal. In a lengthy report published earlier [...]

Evaluating Stargate Theatre Company: Sample Task Plan

To succeed, an evaluation of the Stargate Theatre Company would have to meet its key goals and objectives by following a task plan, such as the following: PHASE 1 – DESIGN Goal I. Review the Literature Objectives: I.1 Identify and organize all relevant literature on arts programming for at-risk youth, including unpublished and agency-based reports. [...]

Cure Violence Glossary

Catchment Area/Target Area A catchment area is a designated target zone where Cure Violence programs concentrate their anti-violence activities. Each program utilizes its staff of credible messengers to have up-to-date knowledge of high risk individuals, groups/gangs/cliques, and historic/current conflicts. This information is used to interrupt immediate violence, mediate conflicts, and strategize long term violence prevention. [...]