Gangstas Making Astronomical Community Changes, Inc.

logo2Gangstas Making Astronomical Community Changes, Inc. (G-MACC) was founded in 2013. The program provides violence prevention and intervention services for schools and community groups throughout New York City. Founder Shanduke McPhatter, one of the leading advocates who pushed for New York City’s Gun Violence Awareness Month, has worked closely with local city government officials to shape gun violence prevention policy and programming. As an affiliate of the Cure Violence Model, G-MACC is committed to incorporating neighborhood outreach and community engagement into its activities.

GMACC Staff (720x477)

The program founders believe that to create lasting change, young persons need strong support systems and to improve their lives through mediation services, self-esteem group meetings, transitional residential services, job development resources, food services, fitness and health suppoprts, and a wide variety of family services.

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Program Particulars

Host Organization: Gangstas Making Astronomical Community Changes, Inc.
Program: G-MACC
Established: 2014
Contact: Shanduke McPhatter
Implementation: Start-up / Partial
Staff: Supervisors (2); Administrative Coordinator (1); Outreach Workers (0); Violence Interrupters (3); Hospital Responders (0)
NYPD Precinct(s): 67th
City Council Member District(s): Jumaane D. Williams and Darlene Mealy
Adult residents living in poverty:
Residents 15-34 years of age:
NYCHA Communities: None
Wrap-Around Service Partners: East Flatbush Village, Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow, Sesame Flyers International Inc., Legal Aid, 67th Precinct Clergy