Cure Violence Evaluation Conference

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A forum hosted by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice Research and Evaluation Center

Community leaders, researchers, and health workers gathered at John Jay College to address the potential of the Cure Violence approach for supporting the safety and well-being of New York City neighborhoods. With funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and New York City government, the Research and Evaluation Center at John Jay College has been studying the effects of Cure Violence as it is incorporated in New York City’s broader violence-reduction strategy known as the Crisis Management System. Researchers collected data about the procedures used to implement the Cure Violence approach, the efforts of staff and program leaders, and the overall effectiveness of the strategy in reducing pro-violent social norms and the incidence of violent acts among high-risk communities in New York City.

More information about our Cure Violence work.

Conference Program with speaker bios.

Slides Used in Study Summary Video

Opening Remarks

Summary of Study Findings

Panel 1: Cure Violence on the Ground
The community level implementation of the Cure Violence approach in NYC.
Moderator: Marcus McAllister (National Cure Violence Team)


David Caba (B.R.A.G Program Director)

Shanduke McPhatter (G.M.A.C.C Executive Director)

Rahson Johnson (SOS Bed-Stuy former Violence Interrupter)

Marisol Rivera (SOS Morrisania Outreach Worker Supervisor)

Panel 2: What is Cure Violence?
The public health approach and methods to gun violence prevention.
Moderator: Brett Dahlberg (Freelance Journalist)


Ricardo “Cobe” Williams (Cure Violence National Team)
Robin Holmes-Myers (NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene)
Timothy Washington (Man Up!)

Jessica Mofield (Deputy Director of the NYC Office to Prevent Gun Violence)

Panel 3: The State of Cure Violence Research
Evaluation findings on the effectiveness of the Cure Violence approach.
Moderator: Jeffrey Butts (Director of JohnJayREC)


Sheyla Delgado (JohnJayREC Deputy Director for Analytics)

Charlie Ransford (Director of Science & Policy – Cure Violence)

Caterina Roman (Criminal Justice Professor, Temple University)

Trevor Fronius (Senior Research Associate at WestEd)

Panel 4: A Critical Lens on Cure Violence in Practice
Examining policy and public health approaches to reducing gun violence.
Moderator: Lois Beckett (Senior Reporter at The Guardian)


Elizabeth Glazer (Executive Director of the NYC Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice)

Jumaane Williams (Member, New York City Council)

Aletha Maybank (Deputy Commissioner, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene)

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