The New Yorker — How the Police Could be Defunded

News Desk

by Alexis Okeowo
The New Yorker
June 26, 2020

… Over the past few decades, anti-violence efforts have spread through the country to aid communities in achieving those things. “These violence-interruption programs can be incredibly important when they are well funded, well run, and lack police interference. They can show tremendously positive results in reducing shootings and homicides,” Vitale said. “We have research that shows that these programs can work, and we need to dramatically expand their usage in all kinds of settings.”

For example, as of 2017, Cure Violence, a mediation program that C.M.S. workers often use, has helped reduce shootings in the South Bronx area where they work by sixty-three per cent, according to a study by John Jay College of Criminal Justice. In the East New York area, it helped reduce shootings by fifteen per cent.

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