amny — Op-Ed | Phil Banks Must Forge Public Safety Collaboration at City Hall and Locally

February 1, 2022
Betsy Gotbaum
Executive Director of Citizens Union

Over the past three decades, New York City has made great progress in reducing crime, but the last two years have brought troublesome trends. There is a demand for a new approach to public safety and a growing awareness that a safe city requires more than just an effective police force. …

New York already has a successful model on which to base this. Since 2014, the City has been running an innovative neighborhood safety program in 15 housing developments across the city. Under the MAP program, community members meet with agency officials to identify indicators that affect public safety, and work with these officials to address those issues. Research by John Jay College of Criminal Justice found that this program reduced felonies and misdemeanors in participating housing developments. The program should be used as a model for what could be implemented across the city.

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