NY Daily News — NYC Will Spend $9 Million on ‘Violence Interrupters’ to Curb Violence in City Schools

Michael Elsen-Rooney
New York Daily News
May 21, 2022

… Experts who have studied New York City’s neighborhood-based violence interruption efforts, called “Cure Violence” programs, and community groups experimenting with the technique in schools say it can help curb classroom conflicts — as long as it’s implemented carefully.

“If we don’t do this type of a program… the only thing we have is police and formal policies and protocols, and that’s no way to run a society,” said Jeffrey Butts, a professor at John Jay College who has studied the Cure Violence programs.

… “Sometimes our students can’t relate to educators,” said Moncion, a former city teacher. “You want the credibility, that’s what makes it unique.” Butts said finding “credible messengers” is a core component of violence interruption, whether on the streets or in the classroom. “You want someone who knows what you’re going through,” he said. “You don’t want to be lectured by someone who has no clue what your life is like.”

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