The Trace — Can Eric Adams Square His Pro-Police Image With Support For Community-Led Solutions to Violence?

If the Democrat wins the race for NYC mayor, he’ll have to make tough decisions about how much to fund the NYPD versus alternative intervention programs.

by Chip Brownlee
October 12, 2021

… Evaluating the effectiveness of violence intervention programs is tricky. Proponents say that the number of shootings they prevented is difficult to track, and benefits like better community-police relations are hard to quantify. Despite that, a review by researchers at John Jay College of Criminal Justice found that average monthly shootings decreased 28 percent across CMS sites in the first two years of the effort. The research also found that the CMS programs increased trust in police and reduced people’s reliance on violence to solve disputes.

Democratic Party Mayoral candidate Eric Adams speaks with police officers after a mass shooting in Queens this August. Lev Radin/AP

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