Violence Tracker

With funding from the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice (MOCJ), John Jay College’s Research and Evaluation Center (JohnJayREC) designed a process and outcome evaluation of Project Fast Track, a multi-sector initiative to reduce gun violence with expedited policing and prosecution. A mayoral initiative since 2016, Fast Track originally analyzed the prosecution and court processing of violent crime cases. The project then evolved to become Violence Tracker, focused on citywide violence trends and efforts to prevent and reduce them, including the expansion of the Crisis Management System inspired by the Cure Violence model. Researchers at JohnJayREC track violence and gun injuries in New York City and estimate the effects of various strategies to improve public safety.


$2.2 Million over 5 years.

JohnJayREC Staff
Jeffrey Butts (PI), Rebecca Balletto, Patricia Cobar, Sheyla Delgado, Richard Espinobarros, Gina Moreno, Rhoda Ramdeen, Kathleen Tomberg, and Kevin Wolff (affiliated faculty).